TWHBEA Director Election: Region 1, Maryan Zyderveld


Maryan Zyderveld

Recently, all members of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders' and Exhibitors' Association in Region 1 (encompassing Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, U.K.) received a ballot to vote for a new Director, to be sent in before October the 15th.  With this message, an introduction is given for the aspiring Region 1 Director candidate, Maryan Zyderveld, not forgetting to mention the active Region 1 Director, Suyin Oldenburg, with reference to some of her achievements in promoting the Tennessee Walking Horse in Europe.
For many years now, both Maryan and Suyin have been working on promoting the Tennessee Walking Horse, especially in Europe. What's more, over the years both enjoyed many horses of this breed as prized riding horses with a splendid, comfortable gait.

Back in 1986 Maryan bought the first TWH to live in the Netherlands, the young stud, Lad's Black Buster. Born in Germany, he's deceased now but for many years he was a fine ambassador for the breed and left us several TWHBEA offspring. Not long afterwards, Suyin joined in and together we became the last owners of Kings Delightful Lad, Buster's sire and the first breeding stallion of Europe.

Both Maryan and Suyin were among the founding members of the European TWH Association, see  .

After the veterinary study at Utrecht University, the Netherlands, where they got acquainted, Maryan went to work in veterinary practice in Germany and Suyin stayed in the Netherlands where she started and built the Dutch TWH Association, see . Also, with NTWHA members, Suyin and her spouse Gerrit Band organized several Dutch TWH Championships.

Maryan found fine horses to start breeding in Europe: among them the fine broodmare, Shockers Sweetheart which was exported as a young horse to Belgium by Betty Sain in Tennessee; in England, the stud Pride Of '76, as a sire of the first TWH to be born in the Netherlands, Pride's Dutch Dixie; and later the most exquisite find: World Champion stud Postmark Delight in Berlin, Germany. Having a stud like Postmark Delight required a website to promote him and the TWH breed in Europe, so on the 5th of May 2006 (on Dutch Liberation Day!) this website  was launched.

Of course, you're welcome to visit the Little America website, You'll find a lot of general info on the breed in Europe, including the list of breeders in Europe, lists of active and emeritus TWH studs in Europe and the biggest and growing list: The Complete List of TWH's in Europe. On the latter you can find all mentioned horses with additional info underneath the pop-up pics. On the stallions listings you'll also find info on the number of TWHBEA offspring. Of course these lists will be updated at least once a year.

What's more: with the cooperation of Region 1 TWHBEA members we can either enlarge these lists or make additional lists for Region 1 horses outside of Europe.

We now also offer the service to prospective owners of TWH's from overseas, to fetch their import horse at Amsterdam Airport and arrange for delivery at their doorstep. This we do in cooperation with Horse Service International B.V., situated in Horst, the Netherlands.

Maryan with one of her foals, Leroy's Midnight Victor,
winning a blue ribbon at the 2nd Dutch TWH Championships
(organized by Gerrit and Suyin).

Victor is just seven weeks old and a big boy already. Remarkably, he was born on the day the Little America website was launched, Dutch Liberation Day! That's how he's got his name, after his sire Buster's Fair Leroy and dam Midnight Lunar, as well as to remind us of "Victory over Midnight", that is, a very dark episode in the history of Europe, when we Europeans were rescued by Americans, not to forget, also by especially Canadian and Polish soldiers.
To get more information on plans for the future and other information on the TWH, we welcome you to address us by email  ( ) or surface mail (Postbus 6055, NL 5960 AB Horst, The Netherlands).

Thanks for your consideration,

Maryan Zyderveld